"5 Top Tips for Backsplash Design."

There are endless possibilities available today, but the most popular and practical material is tile. There are so many beautiful possibilities. Here are North-Tech's 5 tips for choosing the perfect finish to your space.

  • (1) Take cue from the other colors in your space. If your cabinets are white, go with something lighter or vice versa. If you contrast you will have three bands that pop out at you which may seem disconnected.

  • (2) Pick a tile in a material that you like. There are shinny and matte finishes. Shinny finishes will really sparkle with under cabinetry lighting and echo the gleam of any stainless steel appliances.

  • (3) The tile should match the size, scale and dimension of the room.

  • (4) Match your grout color. Our friendly staff will assist you with choosing the best complimentary grout color with our various shades.

  • (5) Avoid anything too busy.

  • Feel free to bring in any samples of your existing cabinetry, paint color, pictures, etc. Our highly trained staff can put together various combinations to suit the look you are trying to achieve.

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    Natural Stone
    Meshed Stone
    Wood Look
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